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To illustrate the practical application of what has preceded, let it be supposed, for example, that a machine is to be made for cutting teeth in iron racks ? in. pitch and 3 in. face, and that a design is to be prepared without reference to such machines as may already be in use for the purpose.

Fourth. Machinery of transportation..
It is a matter of courtesy in the usages of a shop, and one of expediency to a learner, to ask questions from those who are presumed to be best informed on the subject to which the questions relate; and it is equally a matter of courtesy to ask questions of different workmen, being careful, however, never to ask two different persons the same question, nor questions that [169] may call out conflicting answers..
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One of the effects of employing gauges in machine fitting is to inspire confidence in workmen. Instead of a fit being regarded as a mysterious result more the work of chance than design, men accustomed to gauges come to regard precision as something both attainable and indispensable. A learner, after examining a set of well fitted cylindrical gauges, will form a new conception of what a fit is, and will afterwards have a new standard fixed in his mind..
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The following propositions will place this subject of aims and objects before the reader in the sense intended:鈥
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